Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage incorporates long, soft and kneading strokes as well as tapping strokes. This relaxation massage technique is offered at our Swift Current clinic and performed on the top layer of muscle and focuses on areas that seem stressed. The treatment also involves joint movement. In general, Swedish massage incorporates the following types of strokes –

  • Effleaurage – This is a smooth gliding stroke that focuses on relaxing soft tissue. It helps the therapist locate tense muscles and also helps the client relax
  • Petrissage – Effleaurage is followed by kneading and rolling after the client relaxes. This warms up the body for deeper work and focuses on flushing out toxins and nerve tissue
  • Friction – These are deep circular strokes that make layers of tissue rub against each other which breaks down scar tissue and increases blood flow. This stage involves the deepest amount of pressure. It amplifies flexibility which promotes the healing process
  • Tapotement – These are short alternate taps done with cupped hands, the edge of the hands and fingers. This technique incorporates a series of percussive movements that loosen up a client’s muscles after deep work.
  • Vibration – These are oscillatory movements that vibrate or shake the body and help stimulate blood flow a final time
  • Passive and Active Movements – Stretching and bending

How is a Swedish Massage Performed?

This technique incorporates a combination of long strokes, tapping, friction, vibrations and kneading movements to relieve muscular pain in clients. The strokes improve blood circulation since the strokes are performed in the same direction that the blood flows to the heart. The movement warms the skin and releases adhered tissue or knots

Health Benefits

A typical Swedish massage lasts from thirty to sixty minutes and addresses major muscle groups. In addition to providing clients relaxation, a Swedish massage also promotes healing and reduces pain. The treatment comes with the following benefits –

Pain Relief

Relaxation massage treatments can make pain easier to bear since it focuses on improving a client’s blood circulation. This is because the strokes that are used in the treatment mimic where the blood flows in the circulatory system. As the massage is done towards the heart, it drains metabolic waste from the limbs. Toxins such as lactic acid cause swelling and soreness in the muscles. The treatment can be used to relieve pain such as discomfort from a sprained ankle or the management of chronic pain associated with conditions like arthritis.

Break up Muscle Adhesions

Swedish massage treatments can break up painful muscle adhesions caused by scar tissue by promoting healing. Cross fiber friction works kinks that usually develop in injured muscles. These in turn help scar tissue heal in a healthier way.

Injury prevention is also why athletes have the best to gain from Swedish massage treatments. The massage stimulates a chemical reaction in the body that makes the body less susceptible to the cold and increases recovery.
Swedish massage treatments relieve both mental and physical stress. As a result the treatment is a great option for stressed clients and clients looking for pain management techniques.